Vaginal Barbells & Dumbells

Vaginal barbells and dumbells are for women who have a more highly developed PC muscle. Perhaps you have made it through all five weight levels of the Femtone Vaginal Weights set and no longer have difficulty holding the heaviest vaginal weight inside of you. Yet you want to continue developing your PC muscles and advancing your kegel exercise routine. If this sounds like you, we recomend stepping up to a vaginal barbell (also referred to as a vaginal dumbell). These weights are significantly heavier than the fully internal training devices. For example, the Energie Vaginal Dumbell (pictured in green, below and to the left) weights fourteen ounces. The nJoy Pure Wand, which is made of finely crafted stainless steel, weighs twenty-four ounces (but is a whole lot less intimidating when you see it in its cute purse packaging!).