Buyers Guide

Which Vaginal Training Device is Best for You?

Vaginal training devices have historically been used in Eastern cultures as tools for personal arousal. These tools have become adapted in the West and are known as Ben Wa Balls. Ben Wa Balls such as the Lelo Luna Balls (pictured above) are a pair of small glass or stainless steel orbs that are inserted into the vagina can be stored throughout to provide a source of subtle stimulation. However retaining Ben Wa Balls inside of you also requires a small exertion by PC muscle so its also for a passive vaginal exercise. Consider them a form of yoga for the PC muscle. The tradition of Ben Wa Balls carries on to vaginal weights and vaginal cones, which are designed specifically for PC muscle strengthening Kegel exercises. These vaginal weights can be made of stainless steel, medical grade plastic, ceramic, and other body safe materials. To incorporate them in your Kegel exercise routine, simply insert the weights into your vagina and hold them there while contracting the PC muscle. Vaginal cones are a slight variation of vaginal weights. Designed for easier insertion vaginal cones also have attached strings for easier removal. 

The most highly regarded vaginal cones are Vagacare weights, which are approved as medical devices. This is opposed to other vaginal training devices which are regarded as novelties. Vagacare weights are an arrangement of five equally sized, conic, vaginal weights of increasing heaviness. A Kegel exercise routine with Vagacare weights should begin with the lightest weight and progress to heaviest. Should the lightest fall out, perform Kegel exercises without weights, until your PC muscle is developed enough to hold it. Vagacare is the leading brand in vaginally training devices. They are made in Italy and exported to the United States, where they are exclusively sold by very few distributors. Each set of Vagacare vaginal training devices includes five (5) cones made of ceramic and medical-grade plastic, a storage container to encourage maximum hygiene, and an instructional video, which has made available for free (below). The set of five incrementally weighted cones encourages the gradual strengthening of the PC Muscle and rewards the user with increased urinary control, increased ability for sexual pleasure and orgasm, and heightened vaginal strength. 

If you are able to master the heaviest Vagacare weight, and would like to continue to develop the strength of your PC Muscle, a vaginal barbell is the next step. Vaginal Barbells look similar to pleasure wands and feature bulbous weights at each end. Unlike vaginal weights and cones, vaginal barbells are only partially inserted into the vagina for Kegel exercises. Once you insert the barbell to a point as far comfort allows, and continue with a series of contractions, raising and lowering the barbell. Kegel exercises with Barbels are recommended for women with advanced PC muscle training experience. It is ideal for those who are working to achieve the ability to ejaculate.

Magnetic feminine exercisers have all the functions of standard vaginal weights augmented by the use of magnetism. Magnetic forces cause increased blood flow to the vagina, increasing arousal and lubrication. The magnets cause blood vessels to blossom, increasing sensitivity. Combined with a routine of Kegel exercises, magnetic vaginal weights have been in successful in treatments of cessation for female sexual dysfunction.