Kegel Exercises

Kegel Exercises Using Vaginal Training Devices

Most women have heard of Kegel exercises using vaginal training devices, but many lack the proper knowledge of how to perform them correctly. There are two (2) types of Kegel exercises that women can perform for vaginal training: “contract and release” and “rolling.” Some women choose to engage in vaginal training exercises without the aid of added resistance. However, vaginal training devices can speed up the training process and gain a woman better results. A variety of aides exist that can assist in reaping the full sexual health benefits of Kegel exercises. These aides are called vaginal training devices and range in variety from cones, to vaginal weights, to barbells, to magnetic technologies, to Vagacare Vaginal Training Devices. Use of these aids will hasten and enhance results. Benefits of using vaginal training devices include increased bladder control, stronger orgasms, increased desire, greater productions of lubricating fluids, and ejaculatory abilities.

Kegel exercises are performed to tone PC muscles, a group of muscles that surrounds and supports the urethra, vagina, and anus. You can bring awareness to your PC muscles by interrupting the flow of urine. The muscle is surrounded the Pudendal nerves, which detect stimulation and sends pleasure signals to the brain. When the PC muscle is flabby and underused the nerves’ ability to sense stimulation is dulled. The PC muscle also envelops the G-Spot. The ability of all of these organ and nerve systems to function properly depends on the health depend on the health of the muscles that surround and support them. Having an active and toned is essential to your sexual well being as a whole.

The first step in performing any sort of Kegel exercise–with or without vaginal training devices–is to locate the PC muscle. Your PC muscle can be located by interrupting flow during urination. The area where you feel tension is the PC muscle. Once you have located the PC muscle, you can begin your vaginal training routine by reenacting the contraction in an alternating series of the two routines we have provided below. These routines do not require any special circumstances for the their performances. You can do them anywhere. If you have questions, consult your doctor.

Contract and Release

Perform this training in sets of contractions, three times a day, for one week. Increase the number of contractions to set of fifty, three times a day for one week. Aim to build up to one hundred sets of contractions, every day as a sustained part of your physical sexual health routine. To ensure that all area of the muscle are engaged, you should alternate between short bursts of contractions, and contractions which are held then gradually released.

Rolling Kegel Exercises

Rolling Kegel exercises are a more advanced form of vaginal training than the basic “contract and release” routine. Beginning at the anterior wall of the vagina, and gradually shifting the contractions back towards the part of the muscle supporting the anus. This should also be practiced beginning in reverse.