The Intensity vaginal training device is a revolutionary kegel exerciser that takes the form of a rabbit vibrator. Intensity was designed to tone your vaginal muscles while you pleasure yourself with intense waves of vaginal and clitoral vibration–a vaginal training device and sex toy in one! The Intensity uses electro stimulation to automatically strengthen and tone your PC muscles, which are responsible for stronger orgasms and sexual desire.

The Intensity vaginal training device is made from smooth, comfortable silicone and works to stimulate and tone your PC muscles in a number of ways. To experience the Intensity Vibrator, insert the five inch shaft into your vagina and allow the “ears” to stimulate your clitoral area. Now push the black button on the underside of the vibrator. This button inflates the shaft of the vibrator. Inflate the shaft until its the perfect size for you.

The Intensity vaginal training device is the first sex toy of its kind. It can give you more intense orgasms and has many other sexual wellness benefits as well. It works to strengthen your PC muscles, and having strong PC muscles helps with better sex, stronger orgasms, childbirth, menopause, incontinence and many other sexual concerns.